I lead agile teams to create memorable experiences.

Thinking about the users I serve through digital products motivates me every day. Below are the products I have worked on as a self-employed or EY consultant.

Along with these experiences, I also have a passion for teaching.

  • I trained +100 EY consultants in the agile framework and 100% obtained their certification;

  • I mentored +10 innovation team leaders and product people from large companies to create successful product organizations and maximize their impact through OpenClassrooms training paths.

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Innovation platform.

2021 • Product lead • Leading wine & spirits company • 2 years • Internal product • 1K target monthly active users.

The global innovation team implemented a new global innovation process within the company.

They needed a product manager to lead an agile team to build a tool that helps global innovation teams manage their projects, collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders, and ask for approvals from the leadership team.

I applied product management best practices to successfully lead the project team in record time.

Read the full use case.

Fraud detection tool.

2020 • Product strategist • National social security agency • 1 year • Internal product • 1K target monthly active users.

Every year, organizations lose money due to financial fraud. The tools they use are outdates and siled; organizations can't reinforce them with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence.

I helped a project team to design a unique modern tool for detecting fraud. Beyond the product, my goal was to understand the entire end-to-end process to optimize it through a user-centric approach.

  • I worked with the leadership team to define the product vision, then turned it into a 2-year roadmap and a product strategy;

  • I built the service blueprint for the end-to-end process, including personas, tools, main features, and used data, then ran a gap analysis with the existing workflows;

  • I helped the IT architecture team define the product modules, infrastructure, and data flows while ensuring that the decisions fit the global IT orientations;

  • I conducted +20 discovery interviews with target users and facilitated +10 ideation workshops to co-design the target user journeys and wireframes.

Online service for citizens.

2019 • Product strategist • Public administrative institution • 7 months • BtoC product • 2M target yearly active users.

I worked as a product strategist within an innovation department that helps project teams solve citizen problems through user-centric solutions.

The social declaration upgrade was one of these accelerated projects. The challenge: Simplify for citizens the declaration of home-based employees' remuneration and their financial aid recovery.

I ran a 4-day design sprint to take up the challenge, answer critical business questions, and rapidly progress to a tested solution. Read the full use case.

Read the full use case.

Website for independent workers.

2019 • UX designer • Public administrative institution • 7 months • BtoC product • 4M target yearly active users.

Being an independent worker is a challenge. You are responsible for the success or failure of your company, while you have to run several administrative tasks that don't add any value to your business. You don't have time to learn about your social security rights (health, unemployment, retirement, etc.)

So when an administrative institution contacts you out of the blue to talk about a merger with another one, you skip the message until you face a problem and need to find the customer support phone on their website.

How to give the right level of information on this website? How to help independent workers understand the impact of the merger? How to support them to gain clarity about their social security rights? I helped the team answer these questions through persona development and prototype testing.

  • I led discovery interviews with independent workers, then built personas and existing user journeys to synthesize the learnings and share a common understanding with the team;

  • I led ideation sessions with stakeholders to share insights and make decisions, then I built a prototype of a new version of the website and conducted interviews with users;

  • I turned the collected insights into a product backlog and ran sprint plannings, daily meetings, and reviews with the agile team to implement the new version of the website;

  • I tracked north star and proxy metrics to ensure that we reached our goals.

Omnichannel service for retirees.

2017-2019 • Product lead • National pension fund • 2 years • BtoC product • 500K target monthly active users.

A retirement application is an essential milestone in a workers’ life. It represents the happy end of a +30-year contribution to the national pension funds. So they have high expectations regarding the services provided for them during their request.

Before I started the project, future retirees only could request their pension through an offline workflow. As an innovation & digital team member of a national pension fund, my role was to lead an agile team to digitalize and optimize the process of retirement requests through an online service.

The product enabled future retirees to create and follow their retirement applications online without ever calling or meet customer support.

  • I led an agile team of 2 developers and 1 UX-UI designer to design, launch and improve the online service used by +500K unique users per month;

  • I defined metrics and reached product-market fit through a design thinking approach (40 Net Promoter Score points);

  • I implemented a lean startup process to rapidly test ideas through minimum products before investing in development resources.

Transport management system.

2017 • Product lead • National purchasing center • 4 months • BtoB product • 300 target monthly active users.

With the digital revolution, employees expect to have work tools that match the mobile apps on their phones in terms of task success, intuitiveness, and user experience. The usual transactional management tools have given way to websites that improve daily work while saving time and resources.

I helped a national purchasing center logistics team replace an outdated platform with a modern transport management system. The product enabled the team to buy transport services from several logistics companies through an optimized process and intuitive user journey.

  • I led discovery interviews with business experts and end-users to define and prioritize the product requirements, and co-designed the roadmap to align stakeholders;

  • I defined, conducted, and monitored the testing plan in close collaboration with logistic operators, development team, and logistic partners to provide a bug-free portal at the end of each sprint;

  • I defined, conducted, and monitored the change management plan, including running training sessions and building user guide and communication assets;

  • I collected feedback and insights from end-users from the first release, then led the team to improve the transport management system following agile best practices.

Research contract management platform.

2016 • Product lead • Leading pharmaceutical company • 6 months • Internal product • 10 target daily active users.

Setting up a health research contract is a complex stage-gate process that can take months to years and involve multiple contributors. I worked within a leading medicine company that managed contracts with several institutes and hospitals for testing their products.

The team used a shared spreadsheet to manage the research contracts, thus with the critical issues and inefficiencies that usually occur when using this kind of tool. They struggled to keep track of the tasks, work collaboratively, and align stakeholders with a shared vision of the progress.

The team needed a platform as a single source of truth to efficiently manage research contracts, track reliable data, generate reports, and reduce product time-to-market.

  • I defined the platform requirements by leading discovery interviews, data analysis, and ideation workshops;

  • I led an agile team to design and launch a minimum viable product, then improve it through multiple iterations following product management best practices;

  • I defined, conducted, and monitored the change management plan to ensure product adoption and scale-up within the group.

Membership management platform.

2015 • Product lead • Leading health insurance company • 1 year • Internal product • 10 target daily active users.

A new law entered into force in 2016: all employees needed to subscribe to a supplementary health insurance contract. A large insurance company created a business unit to cope with the increasing demand for health insurance.

4 months before the launch of the business unit, a shareholder withdrew with his IT infrastructure, leaving the project without a platform to manage memberships.

In this context, I joined the project to design and set up a membership management platform in record time. Beyond this platform, I integrated +40K registrations in 4 months and helped set up all the tools for managing registered members' relationships, which earned me the qualification of "alien" by the team.

  • I supported the team to design, set up, and improve the membership management platform by conducting sprint plannings, daily meetings, and reviews;

  • I built an efficient module that consolidated all the offline and online registrations coming from several channels, then integrated them into the platform through a standardized format (+40K registrations in less than 4 months);

  • I built a business intelligence dashboard used daily by the team to monitor progress, alert in case of anomaly, and share reports with registered companies and leadership team;

  • I supported the setup and launch of several customer relationship management tools integrated with the platform (CRM, interactive Q&A, portals, claims management tool, etc.)

Internal e-commerce portal.

2015 • Product lead • Global health research institute • 8 months • Internal product • 3K target yearly active users.

Companies seek to reduce the purchasing prices of materials while improving the quality of what they buy. The challenge is finding the right balance between price and quality, and it's also a trade-off between rationalizing or letting employees buy materials themselves to meet their needs.

I worked within an international research institute where scientists bought materials themselves, which caused considerable money losses. Indeed, the purchasing department hadn't harmonized the process, and the institute couldn't benefit from the economy of scale.

They needed to create an internal Amazon-like portal to enable scientists to purchase high-quality materials through a standardized process, while consolidating the purchasing orders to benefit from the economy of scale.

I started the project as an internship consultant responsible for the testing plan. I ended up as the product owner responsible for product scaling, change management, and release plans.

  • I defined, conducted, and monitored the testing plan in close collaboration with business experts, development team, and end-users to provide a bug-free portal at each release;

  • I defined, conducted, and monitored the change management plan, including interactive means (ask-me-anything workshops, training sessions, etc.) and non-interactive means (tutorial videos, user guide, walkthroughs, etc.);

  • I collected feedback and insights from end-users, co-defined the roadmap to include those learnings, then led the team to improve the e-commerce portal following agile best practices.

Budget management tool.

2014 • Product lead • Leading aeronautical company • 4 months • Internal product • 10 target daily active users.

I worked within a leading maintenance company that needed to calculate costs to price its services and monitor budgets. The pricing team struggled with outdated and siled management tools. Creating a budget took an entire week per year for five team members who devoted their time to data crunching, analysis, and presentation.

As an engineering intern, their manager asked me to help the team crunch data. Beyond this task, I helped the team define their needs through discovery interviews; then, I developed from scratch a product that consolidated all the data into a real-time dashboard.

I thus helped the pricing team save time and generate frequent reports to monitor budgets.

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