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Hi, I'm Adam, product manager, mentor, and optimistic problem solver.
I lead agile teams to validate ideas through experiments, then convert them into valuable innovations for users.

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I help innovation leaders upset the status quo and shape the future.

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Define a winning vision and strategy.

I solve complex problems and pitch the vision to gain leadership buy-in.
• 4-day design sprints
• New business pitch
• Change strategy

How I run design sprints.
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Learn from users and test new ideas.

I build products closest to users' needs to avoid any loss of resources.
• Persona development
• Learning plan
• 1-week prototypes

How I build personas.
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Inspire action and ensure adoption.

I turn the vision into a roadmap and metrics to reach the product-market fit.
• Product roadmap
• North star metrics
• Product-market fit

How I build roadmaps.


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My values.


I build products that matter. I go the extra mile. I never give up on complex challenges. I upset the status quo. I don't shy away from making bold decisions as long as I test, learn, and use evidence-based metrics.


I innovate by starting with the customer and working backward. I respect stakeholders. I don't avoid tough discussions. I give instant feedback. I share my know-how without limit and help people around me.


I know that I don't know. I'm constantly learning. I don't overvalue my ideas. I approach work with curiosity. I question everything. I consider frank feedback as a gift. I take every opportunity to grow.


Word on the street.

It's an absolute pleasure discussing agile and product management with Adam.

Maggie Y. - Senior Manager at L'Oréal

Adam quickly delivers tangible results by engaging with end-users and key stakeholders.

Guillaume A. - Chief Digital Officer at Agirc-Arrco

I appreciated Adam's rigor, listening skills, and the quality of his deliverables.

Jean-Luc D. - IT Deputy Director at Pôle emploi

Adam is an exceptional person, professionally and personally. It's a pleasure to have him on the team.

Philippe-Marie L. - Chief Operating Officer at Energie Mutuelle

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